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Insanitek's Story

Insanitek Research and Development started out as an alcohol-induced dream of overworked engineering students that wanted something beyond what was promised. As we sat around doing thermodynamics homework and saying, "Wouldn't it be nice if...." regarding our future, we started to plant the seeds of something greater. Wouldn't it be nice if we could be independent researchers instead of beholden to the industry or university? Would it be nice if we could design things for people instead of companies? Wouldn't it be nice if we could escape the grant cycle?

Those were the little questions with a big heart that started us thinking.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could make this come true?

Insanitek Logo

Fast foward to 5 years later. We approached Grace Conyers, the doer among us to lead the project and make Insanitek go from being a hazy dream to something more tangible. Grace has owned businesses before on a small scale, so she knew more about business plans and turning dreams into reality far more than we did. She said yes, but only if we could do it without outside funding from a venture capitalist or invenstor. She wanted to prove to people that they could come from any socioeconomic class and live their dreams of being a scientist, inventor, and business person if they worked hard enough.

And so the foundation of Insanitek was set for those that would come to it's doors seeking their future with bright eyes and even brigher ideas.

Within a year, Grace had set about building up the Ink department where the science writing would take place to share knowledge, then on to her own project to show others one way they could live their dreams. One year in, and Insanitek is growing. It's been a quiet, steady growth, but this growth is sustainable.

And that's where we're at today. Insanitek is a startup in the making with many facets that make the company rich for possibilities if only we reach for them, nuture them, and make them come to life. Within the next year, more of these facets will come to life, and Insanitek will continue to grow with and for it's community of independent researchers, inventors, and lovers of science and technology that dared to dream.

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Learn and teach

We pride ourselves about being so passionate about our subjects that we can't keep it all in. The community is warm, welcoming, open and friendly. You can find a mentor or reach out and mentor another for both quick questions and long-term inspiration.

Community and Collaborations

As an independent, sometimes it's a challenge to find just the right people to work with. Our members are some of the best, and that includes you. Find researchers to collaborate and others to bounce ideas off of.

Open Access Publishing

When knowledge is free and science is easily accessed and celebrated, it's makes a broader impact on society as a whole. Publish your work in an Open Access format for all of the science community to access -- FREE.

Use professional stock photos

Browse through the science stock photos for a truly unique and beautiful touch to your work. They can be used for publications, posters, and more.

Exciting Graphic Design

You work hard on the science and research, so let us take care of making things look good. We have a graphic design team that is well equipped with understanding and imagination to make your work look as stunning as it rightfully should. After all, it's exciting work that keeps you going, so you should share that enthusiasm with the world.

Outreach and PR

It's one thing to publish, but it's another to make your work outstanding. The Insanitek Ink team can help you publish your work and reach the widest audience possible. How's that for broader impacts?

Insanitek Ink

Publishing one's work is the core to science, research, invention, and innovation. We pour everything we have into our work, and publishing it the final statement of owning it. It puts our name and mark on the world.

Publishing to a print journal like Nature, Science, or any of the others can tie your hands. It takes time with a lot of back and forth communications with the publishing company, and sometimes months to years to put into print. During that time, you can't cite it, use it, and in some drastic cases, even speak about it online for it would break the contract. Then, you have the guilt trip of it costing a fellow scientist a lot of money just to see your work – which also widens the gap between the scientists and general public.

To alleviate the last problem, you could publish your work as Open Access – but that costs money. Did you work that into your budget? Can you claim that doing as your “broader impact” for your grant? Even if you can, it still takes time and resources that you could be spending on new research to publish, and it takes time to see it available on the 'net.

Check out Ink or start living the dream.


Have questions? Want to say hello? Want to see what's coming up? We'd love to hear what's on your mind. Just send us an email to let us know!

Outreach and PR

With the decrease in government funding being handed out, it's no mystery that more people are turning to crowdfunding to cover costs and crowdsourcing to keep costs low. This is a trend well worth taking advantage of, no doubt, but you're busy with the actual experiment designs, let alone take time for outreach.

Publishing open access will get you only so far, so you'll need to take an extra step to get word of your work out there. Insanitek's PR and outreach team do more than that. We get it out there and get people talking about it.

How? With a combination of hands on science, outreach, and traditional and non-traditional media. We find the tools to reach out to people of all ages to get some genuine interest in your project flowing.

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